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For Writers: What to Wear for Home Business Success


What to Wear for 

Home Business Success as a Writer

Published: July 1, 2015

Written By: Catherine Cairns-OKeefe

Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,

Wearing pajamas to work is one of those “benefits” I’ve heard about when you are working from home.

And while I’ve certainly been there and done that myself… it’s not something I recommend.

I believe ‘dressing for success’ as a writer helps you feel better… more confident… stronger professional.

It does for me. I even wear dress shoes (or sandals in warmer weather) to my home office.

Not that I’m perfect. Sometimes I have awakened in the morning only to go straight to my home office, skipping breakfast or eating food on the go, and not taking time to start my day right – so that I can meet a deadline.

But I feel like I’m dragging my feet because of the lower energy. And, even though I might feel relieved about meeting a deadline, I don’t feel my professional best. 

So I prefer to ‘dress for success’.

What does this mean?

What should you wear for home business success if you’re a writer?

It means dressing in a professional manner so that “if” a client or a publisher showed up at your doorstep, you would feel comfortable answering the door. This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a business suit.

But it does mean that you’re dressed in a manner that reflects who you are in a professional way

For me, it is simply wearing my best clothes… wearing shoes… and, sometimes you will find me wearing a flower in my hair. And, I love to wear the colour pink. So I’m still “me,” but I’m ready for the professional world.

Matt, my husband is a writer and a comic book artist. He likes wearing nice dress shirts. 

Sometimes, (like in the photo at the start of this article) he even wears a tie -- not because he has to but because he likes wearing a tie on occasion.

Matt and I prepare ourselves and get in the right mental state for a productive work day by ‘dressing for success’. (And, I’ve been writing professionally for more than 13 years now, so I can stand by this one from experience; it really does work!)

But for you, as a writing professional too… I would really like to know what you think.

I welcome your thoughts in the “Comments” section. 

Thanks so much.


Catherine, Publisher of SprinkleGoodness.com 

P.S.: One of my favourite things about working from home is that our pets get to share our day with us. Even as I write this, our beagle, Rocky, rests close to me and our kitty, Buster, is napping close to me.

It’s heart-warming for me to have them so close. I am grateful. And, pictured on the left, is my husband Matt with our kitty, Angel. She enjoys being close to Matt as he works.