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Stylish Business Card Holder Idea


A Stylish Way to Hold Business Cards

Published: March 11, 2015

Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,

It’s furry.

The pattern looks like animal prints.

It’s sooo me!

And it is sooo Catherine, too!

Catherine found a stylish-looking gift card holder at Dollar Tree for only $1.25. This is what she calls, “a treasure find.”

But she didn’t see a gift card holder – even though that’s what it technically is.

She saw a stylish way to hold business cards!

If you’re looking for a more fun, stylish way to hold your business cards, these gift card holders are a great option.

Catherine still has paper business cards. But she also has magnetic business cards that she designed from Vistaprint. And, this gift card holder fits nearly 20 business cards (most of which are the magnetic business card style).

Take a look:

This style of gift card holder keeps your business cards handy, too. Have you ever been in town when you met prospective clients… but… you didn’t have your business cards available to give? Perhaps they’re in your vehicle or maybe even at home?

Catherine used to carry her business cards in a brown, zippered portfolio. But it was slightly larger than a standard sheet of computer paper, so she didn’t take it everywhere she went.

What about putting her business cards in her purse? She didn’t feel comfortable at the thought of someone looking inside her handbag as she searched for a card to give.

This stylish gift card holder is the perfect solution!

If you’d like to make your business cards more easily accessible to give away in a moment’s notice… and you’re looking for a stylish way to hold your cards, these gift card holders are a creative option.

All you have to do is clip this gift card holder to your purse, just as Catherine did. You can see the clip (with the Superman logo) in my photo at the top of this article. 

Here is a close-up of it, too:

Now whenever Catherine goes to town, she always has her business cards available.

She has noticed though that this gift card holder is quite eye-catching to other people. This is good; however, it also has a mini downside.

Catherine has thought, “What if someone tries to pull this off my purse thinking there is money inside or a gift card?”

But then she realized, “Well, then they would just get all my business cards!”

So it is something to be aware of – a stylish gift card holder will draw attention.

But Catherine still likes it. It’s stylish. It keeps her cards conveniently close. And, it’s sooo Catherine!

If you like these gift card holders too, there’s a chance your local Dollar Tree store may have some. However, I can’t promise that. It was last March (2014) when Catherine got her gift card holder at Dollar Tree (in the Huntsville, Ontario location).

On the paws-itive side, they are in stock at Amazon! They do cost a little more than Dollar Tree. But if you can’t find one in stock at Dollar Tree, or you just can’t wait to get your own in time for the next business luncheon, meeting or other social event you’re attending, here is where you can get them:

If by chance the product images aren't showing up on this webpage, you can use the Amazon search box (below) and type in the keywords, “feather gift card holder" and then click "Go." 

That should help you see these stylish products in the search results.

We hope you have fun with this one!


Angel, the Paws-itive Kitty

P.S.: Traditional business card holders can be interesting, too. In the Amazon search box (below) here's what to do:

Simply type in a keyword that relates to your interests or profession (i.e.: dog, beagle, cat, comic book, Superman, Wonder Woman, or photographer) – plus, the keywords “business card holder”. 

For example:

  • dog business card holder
  • beagle business card holder
  • cat business card holder
  • comic book business card holder
  • Superman business card holder
  • Wonder Woman business card holder
  • photographer business card holder

Then click “Go,” and watch intriguing results appear!

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