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Latest Article: Catherine Shares 5 Tips on Composing Your Nature Travel Photos

Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,

I’ve promised you tips on photo composition and I want to keep the promises I make.

So here is one article I wrote for an RV travel website: “5 Tips on How to Better Compose Your Nature Travel Photos”.

If you enjoy taking pictures of nature – or taking photos on your day trips or travels, I hope my article can help you capture the stunning scenery on your adventures in a magnificent, professional manner. You can discover all 5 photo composition tips here.



Article: How to Find out Where 

Your Stock Photos are Appearing

An Article By: 

Catherine Cairns-O'Keefe

Dear Sprinkle 

Goodness Reader,

“It’s on an e-book cover!”

I was excited to find my stock photo in use. A photo I took, “Planting Seeds of Faith,” appeared on the cover of an e-book. 

You can see it here as well as discover the reverse image search engine that helps you locate some of your online stock photos in use too.

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