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Bible Resources:

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Creativity in Home Decorating:

Express Your Interests through a Beautiful Tapestry

If you have empty wall space - and want to decorate it in a unique way - SaveOnTapestries.com has a wide selection of fabric tapestries. 

There are unicorns... floral designs... spiritual themes... landscapes... castles... and many others to choose from - so you're decorating your home in a way that reflects your interests.

Find the Most Unique Wall Clock Décor for Your Home at our Creative Clock Designs E-commerce Store

  • Inspiration: People Living their Dreams...

Matt O'Keefe Brings Life to People's Comic Ideas and Publishes His Own Comic Book Series Too

Website: www.onlinecomicheroes.com

My husband, Matt, is a great comic book artist. He's always wanted to see his vision published. 

Now, he's working towards it with his own website - and his own series of comic books, "The World of Manpower," available for sale at Online Comic Heroes

He's also helped other people bring their comic book visions to life - by offering an art service where he draws their ideas.  

Pet Websites:

The Dog Breeds Bible

The Dog Breeds Bible is dedicated to giving complete breed profiles of all sizes of dogs. This includes "hybrids" like the Pomsky (a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky). Hybrids are a very controversial subject. 

But all dogs, whether they are hybrid or purebred, need a loving home. If you are looking for the best dog to suite your family, take a look through the articles and pictures on this site to get a dog that will work well in your household.

For New Dog Owners: Learn What to Expect with Puppies and How to Teach Them the Rules of Your Home

Website: http://newdogowners.com

New Dog Owners is dedicated to helping stop puppies from ending up at the pound -- sent by people who thought they were ready for a dog but didn't expect how much work they really are. We want to help more dogs have good, long-term, loving homes. 

That’s why we help people prepare for the responsibilities of having a dog. We give tips to help them through the tough times, as well as tips for day-to-day living such as understanding dog health, which dog treats pet owners like the best, and more. We also try to answer questions that people have and solve common issues.