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Bible Resources:

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Creativity in Home Decorating:

Express Your Interests through a Beautiful Tapestry

If you have empty wall space - and want to decorate it in a unique way - has a wide selection of fabric tapestries. 

There are unicorns... floral designs... spiritual themes... landscapes... castles... and many others to choose from - so you're decorating your home in a way that reflects your interests.

Find the Most Unique Wall Clock Décor for Your Home at our Creative Clock Designs E-commerce Store

  • Inspiration: People Living their Dreams...

Matt O'Keefe Brings Life to People's Comic Ideas and Publishes His Own Comic Book Series Too


My husband, Matt, is a great comic book artist. He's always wanted to see his vision published. 

Now, he's working towards it with his own website - and his own series of comic books, "The World of Manpower," available for sale at Online Comic Heroes

He's also helped other people bring their comic book visions to life - by offering an art service where he draws their ideas.  

Pet Websites:

The Dog Breeds Bible

The Dog Breeds Bible is dedicated to giving complete breed profiles of all sizes of dogs. This includes "hybrids" like the Pomsky (a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky). Hybrids are a very controversial subject. 

But all dogs, whether they are hybrid or purebred, need a loving home. If you are looking for the best dog to suite your family, take a look through the articles and pictures on this site to get a dog that will work well in your household.

For New Dog Owners: Learn What to Expect with Puppies and How to Teach Them the Rules of Your Home


New Dog Owners is dedicated to helping stop puppies from ending up at the pound -- sent by people who thought they were ready for a dog but didn't expect how much work they really are. We want to help more dogs have good, long-term, loving homes. 

That’s why we help people prepare for the responsibilities of having a dog. We give tips to help them through the tough times, as well as tips for day-to-day living such as understanding dog health, which dog treats pet owners like the best, and more. We also try to answer questions that people have and solve common issues.