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Where to Take Pets in Kentucky, USA


Pet Travel Ideas in Kentucky
(Includes a Dinosaur Theme Park Where Dogs are Welcome!)

Published: October 16, 2014

Updated: January 9, 2016

Guest Post By: Maddie Green


Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,

On one of our vacations we decided to take our young standard poodle with us and try to choose some pet-friendly things to do. One of our stops was Glasgow, Kentucky. The area is known for lakes, caves and other attractions. We like to fish and it is something we can do with the dog so we planned mostly to stick to outdoor activities although we ended up doing some different things!

We stayed at the Days Inn in Glasgow. It was an inexpensive room and decent and although it wasn’t the best room I’ve stayed in, I’ve always found that an advantage when traveling with a young dog since economical places are often less picky about having pets in the room. They charged only a $10 fee for the dog. We didn’t stay at the hotel very much.

The first outing we took was to scope out the area for some spots we wanted to fish, but as sometimes happens, the unexpected happened. Our poodle J.R. began to have some problems with carsickness although he hadn’t had them before. We decided that driving from place to place wasn’t our best option for a pleasant day! We stopped at a small local pet shop to get some medication for him and they suggested something we could do instead. They recommended Dinosaur World just a few miles away in Cave City, KY. We were surprised to find out that leashed pets were welcome.

J.R. made it there fine and we discovered an enormous outdoor museum. It was around 20 acres of life-sized dinosaur attractions. It only cost $12.75 for General Admission with no extra charge for pets and it was definitely pet-friendly. They had areas all along the way with water for pets to drink.

The park itself was a great deal of fun just to walk around in and learn. You could also pay a little extra to dig for fossils or to get a bag of potential gems, dinosaur bones, and more. We had a great time and didn’t regret changing plans at all.

Since we still wanted to roam before we picked a fishing spot for another day, we decided to find a place for J.R. to stay without suffering while we drove from place to place. We found a great doggie hotel back in Glasgow. It was called Doggy Days Cat Nap Acres and offered dog runs, televisions for dogs kept indoors (and J.R. hates to miss his shows) as well as play rooms. They had themed rooms that were good quiet space for pets. The themed rooms were small but since we had a pup, we chose the room called the Dog Cabin. (To see what the Dog Cabin looks like, please see my photo at the top of my article.)

J.R. only stayed a little while until we came back to pick him up for our chosen fishing spot, but he seemed refreshed and ready to go after his stay and had no more trouble with his tummy! All in all, Glasgow, KY turned out to be a great place to travel with pets.




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