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Meet Ralphie Robot, Honey Bee, and More

Published: November 21, 2014

Article By: Catherine Cairns-OKeefe

Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,


That was the animated movie that came to my mind when I saw a picture of a handcrafted clock called Ralphie Robot (pictured on the left).

I was quite intrigued. I liked the movie, Robots. The character, Diesel, is one of my favourite characters from the movie. 

Diesel is a robot that needs a voice box, and is a funny side-kick to the other robots. 

Throughout the movie, Diesel tries different voice boxes. One voice box he tries is that of the iconic Star Wars character, Darth Vader.

“The Force is strong with this one,” he says in Darth Vader’s deep voice.

For me, I can definitely say Ralphie Robot is the clock design that jumped right out at me. 

It sparked a happy memory – of the movie, Robots, and the character, Diesel, that brought laughter into my life.

But perhaps the Honey Bee or the Hootie Owl handcrafted clock will be just right for you.

That's what is so great about the clocks you’ll find at Creative Clock Designs. Each clock has a unique personality -- on top of keeping time!

If you’re searching for a super-special gift this year, this is a great choice for the young and young at heart.

I’ll let Matt, my husband, tell you more about these great clocks, right hereEnjoy!