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Creative Clock Characters

Clock Characters

How these Creative Clock Characters 

Reminded Me of the Movie, Bicentennial Man

A Guest Post By My Husband: Matthew O’Keefe

Published: November 21, 2014

Dear Sprinkle Goodness Reader,

A robot that makes clocks.

This robot is the lead character from the movie, Bicentennial Man, starring the late Robin Williams.

It’s one of my favourite movies and I was reminded of it recently when Catherine shared news with me about a fellow entrepreneur she’s kept in touch with over the years. Her name is Terri.

Terri and her husband have a business called Creative Clock Designs – and her husband, Bob, builds one of a kind, unique clocks. One in particular is a clock called Ralphie Robot. Because it’s a robot, it reminded me of the robot who builds clocks in the movie Bicentennial Man.

In the movie Bicentennial Man, starring the late Robin Williams, the character Williams plays is called Andrew. Andrew is a robot who is very skilled at crafting and making things. His owner (played by actor, Sam Neill) instructs Andrew on how to create clocks and timepieces.

Years pass in the movie and Andrew has created so many clocks for the family they fill the house. Every time the hour strikes, the noise is so loud that the family gives nearly half of them away; yet, there are still so many! The solution is to start selling the clocks.

The movie continues and Andrew becomes so prosperous with his clock sales, that his monthly earnings surpass the annual salary of most people.

Andrew started out as one of many robots produced in the same production model. As Andrew continued his journey, it became clear that he was unique, as are the clocks you will see at Creative Clock Designs.

When Catherine first relayed the news to me, she had pictured a different movie reference. For Catherine, she saw a character from the movie Robots. I could see the resemblance of the character Catherine had pictured once I got onto the site. The clocks at Creative Clock Designs are very unique.

There are animals such as a moose, a bear, a dog and a cat – to name a few in addition to the robots and other characters. The clocks are built with reclaimed household parts and repurposed items. No two will be the same, even if you were to order two Timmy Turtles. The two would have their own unique personalities derived from the parts that went into crafting them.

The entrepreneur in Terri has brought her organizational skills together with her husband Bob’s creative construction to create a new business in their retirement years. If you visit their “about us” page you will get to know them a little more.

With the growing number of different designs they offer, I’m sure you’ll find your favourite amongst the various animals, birds and robots.

Take a look by visiting http://www.creativeclockdesigns.com and meet characters like Ralphie Robot, Honey Bee, and more.