Paws-itive beagles with Catherine and Matt from

Catherine's Writing & Photography Service

Hoping to "Paws-itively" Inspire You ...


Welcome! Our site is under construction at the moment.


Hi, I'm Catherine, a writer and photographer. 

As you can see, from the picture (below) I believe in Jesus. 

Paws-itive beagles with Catherine and Matt on their wedding day.
Paws-itive beagles with Catherine from

I believe in God.

I believe we are all here for a reason.

I started because I want to use my writing and photo skills to do 'good' in our world.

I also love my husband, Matt, and our pets. Matt is growing his own comic book website.

I am growing this site and wanted to include our pets more often. I'm happy our "paws-itive" pets

are helping me grow this site. So if you also love pets – and need a photographer or writer, I think you'll like what our pets "paw forward" to you.

You’ll hear quite a bit from our paws-itive pets. 


I enjoy good-natured, family movies where dogs and cats can “think” and “talk.” Movies like The Shaggy Dog, Lady and the Tramp, Bolt, Underdog, the animated 101 Dalmatians, Puss in Boots (we think our orange tabby cat, Buster, resembles the character, Puss in Boots) and many more.

I thought it would be fun for you to read articles by our paws-itive pets. It’s also fun for me to write from the perspective of our beagles and kitties; however, you’ll hear from my perspective sometimes, too!

So we hope you enjoy your time with us and we hope you’ll visit often. 


Catherine (and the Paws-itive Beagles and Kitties)

Paws-itive beagles with Catherine and Matt from

Photo of the Paws-itive Beagles, plus Catherine and Matt.